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Hi, Visitor!

Thanks for visiting my HOME PAGE!!  Let me tell you why you’ll love my book!


Lelia Ann Ohlund


  1. It’s a quick read of 14 awesome short stories.
  2. Not about religion but goes with religious books because I thank God lovingly and lavishly for my blessings.
  3. Every story is followed by a verse or two of inspiring scripture that leaves you thinking wholesome, happy thoughts.
  4. Small enough for your nightstand, easy to take with you.
  5. Each story is good for small group study with many topics to choose from.
  6. A wonderful gift for Easter, birthday, and Christmas.
  7. I mailed a copy of my book to everyone on my Christmas card list. Wonderful thank you notes came pouring in with all positive comments:


Donna (university roomie):  “I want to sincerely thank you for sending me your ‘little book.’  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I hope many read it and see the works of the Lord in our lives.”


Frances (H.S. BFF): “…the book will be perfect for discussions.  The variety of topics with Bible verses to match – a great format for group studies.  Thank you, thank you for sending me a copy.”


Edna: “…thank you Ann for the lovely book.  I’ve enjoyed it so much!  I especially like when you quoted Psalm 103 (one of my favorites)  ‘What a labor of love.’”


Carol H.;  “Thank you so much for the book.  I have started it and think about each story for a while.”


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